Hundreds of recently released prisoners will return to Milwaukee this year. Many are committed Christians who desperately need jobs. Without a helping hand, they will struggle to find work. Many will fail. With your support, we can help them.


Despite all that has changed for these individuals, one thing remains the same — God’s love for them! The purpose of Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc. is to show and tell God's love to our citizens returning from prison.

Volunteer Opportunities

A major supporting part of the Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc. will be mentorship; and mentors are needed! Volunteer mentors can chose to work with men in prison or those who have been recently released.

Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc.

The MISSION of Genesis in Milwaukee is to facilitate successful integration of citizens returning to communities from correctional institutions, thereby increasing public safety and decreasing recidivism.

There are many needs that need to be addressed when an individual is released from prison to assist in creating and providing an environment for a successful transition back into society.

While in the Genesis Program of services and resources, your goal should be to equip yourself to move into the community as a gainfully employed, self-sufficient person, firmly grounded in the Word of God, the Bible, and established in a church where you fellowship with other Christians, to enable you to live a victorious Christian life-style, become a productive member of God’s Kingdom, and to depend on the Holy Spirit and God’s people.

We take the truths of the Bible very seriously. We believe the Bible is the inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God; it is authoritative not only for doctrine, but also contains the principles for effective Christian living. We seek, therefore, to determine and apply Biblical principles to our lives. We also have committed ourselves to prayer for wisdom, guidance, and strength as we apply these principles to our decisions in any situation that may arise.

We, at Genesis in Milwaukee, refer to the Genesis People as a family of “returning citizens”. The family is the first covenant God made with His creation (Genesis 2). Because we realize that our behavior as residents affects others in the family, we have adopted some biblical rules and guidelines. In a family, we are bound to have some conflicts and difficulties. The benefit of a family setting, such as the Genesis Project, is that we can learn to deal with these difficulties in a loving and caring atmosphere. One important feature is that we have a high degree of accountability.

Each of us is, first of all, accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you agree that being accountable to others is what will help you live the Christian life-style you have chosen, then living under authority will be a BLESSING!

Updates From Genesis In MKE - August 2017 The Bridge Program: In Prison Mentoring

The ministry theme that developed years prior derived from the biblical illustration of meeting individuals at the Gate.

The Gate is a biblical concept synonymous with government, order, authority, business and even solving civil matters, parallel to the contextual points of salvation, damnation, heaven, and hell.

As Jesus began to teach in the gospel according to Matthew; he stated the way into the Kingdom of Heaven was through submission and humility.

Many men grow up without a father and they themselves being absentee fathers, experience life with an improper view of fatherhood and even authority. As men are released from incarceration, they are often inserted back into the very roles they have despised, due to the misrepresentation of it the majority of their lives..... READ MORE


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