Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc.

There are many needs that need to be addressed when an individual is released from prison to assist in creating and providing an environment for a successful transition back into society..At Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc. our sacred hope and earnest desire is to make this transformation a reality; by God's power renewing their minds, healing their relationships, and imparting the practical skills they need to live healthy Christian lives.

What WE Do!


Imagine that you have been away from your community, family, friends, church and society for five years. Now think about ten years. You have missed watching children grow up whom you had known, some you had loved pass away, all the advances in technology, and maybe the neighborhood


Despite all that has changed for these individuals, one thing remains the same — God’s love for them!! The purpose of Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc. is to show and tell God's love to our citizens returning from prison. Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc. is a platform that provides programs and resources designed to assist those returning to Milwaukee from prison. Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc. will provide housing, self supporting employment and programming based on Christian principals to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the returning citizen.

Volunteer Opportunities

A major supporting part of the Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc. will be mentorship; and mentors are needed! Volunteer mentors can chose to work with men in prison or those who have been recently released.

Participate in the Genesis Prayer Team!

Every component of Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc. rests on the foundation of prayer. Would you be part of that foundation? If you are willing to commit to setting aside time on at least a weekly basis to pray for Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc., please email Frank Woods Sr. We will periodically send you emails with prayer requests for our staff, volunteers, and returning citizens.


Genesis is Holding on! What about you?

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