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Our mentor training for volunteers is designed to prepare Christian mentors to help returning citizens make a successful transition back into society by providing a source of support, guidance and accountability.  Drawing on extensive experience in working with ex-offenders, the manual provides practical training and instruction for Christians who will be entering mentoring relationships with offenders, either during or after their incarceration.

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We stress to all volunteers Christians should care about returning citizens who are leaving prison, the harmful effects of prison on men and women, and the large number of potential barriers to success that they will encounter upon their release. It also describes the role of a mentor, the characteristics of a good mentor, and the difference between mentoring and discipline. The manual discusses the principle of restorative justice and its goal of healing the victim, family & friends, the offender, and the community. Helpful information such as “Do’s & Don’ts” for mentors and mentees offer practical parameters for a healthy and productive mentoring relationship.

Genesis in Milwaukee provides helpful handouts that the mentor can provide to the mentee during the mentoring relationship, both to stimulate discussion and for the mentee to utilize on his own. These handouts include information to assist the returning citizen in setting goals and in recognizing the importance of finding and joining a local church.


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