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Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc. is a platform that provides programs and resources to assist those returning to Milwaukee from prison to ensure adequate housing, employment and programming based on Christian principals to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of returning citizens.

The Mission of Genesis in Milwaukee, Inc.

The book of Genesis opens with the description of an earth that was "…without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep," and then goes on to describe how, over six days, God lovingly crafted this formless, chaotic void into a paradise that was the perfect environment for the man and woman whom He created.God is all-powerful, consequently He could have commanded this planet into perfect shape in one moment instead of over six days. ..more

The Best of Professionals

Frank B. Woods, Sr.

is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Genesis in Milwaukee and serves Genesis by facilitating the Genesis Mentor

Arn Quakkelaar

Arn accepted Jesus as his Savior when seven years old and at thirteen years he committed his life to ministry.    


Genesis is Holding on! What about you?

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