Updates From Genesis In MKE - August 2017 The Bridge Program: In Prison Mentoring

The ministry theme that developed years prior derived from the biblical illustration of meeting individuals at the Gate.

The Gate is a biblical concept synonymous with government, order, authority, business and even solving civil matters, parallel to the contextual  points of salvation, damnation, heaven, and hell.

As Jesus began to teach in the gospel according to Matthew; he stated the way into the Kingdom of Heaven was through submission and humility.

Many men grow up without a father and they themselves being absentee fathers, experience life with an improper view of fatherhood and even authority. As men are released from incarceration, they are often inserted back into the very roles they have despised, due to the misrepresentation of it the majority of their lives.

Over the last 5 years we have served men through facilitating a biblical Fatherhood initiative throughout Wisconsin urban communities with a focus on the prison population.

We are currently facilitating small and large groups, preparing men to enter in or re enter their roles as fathers. Our focus centralize on 4 areas: Substance Abuse, Financial Management,  Spiritual and Family Development,  with a concentrated effort toward biblical Manhood and Fatherhood.   Many men have confessed and acknowledged their improper views regarding manhood and parenting.

During our during our staff vision trip of 2014 to Angola via New Orleans,  we were presented with the challenge to tackle this epidemic by challenging and teaching Christian men how to grow into godly parents, equipping them to spiritually train their kids regardless of their circumstances and intentionally build a legacy of faith in Christ. Our program develops skills in five key areas: fathering, spiritual, educational, moral and vocational.

The Bridge program has worked with fathers throughout Wisconsin... Racine Correctional Institution, Kettle Moraine Correctional, Oakhill Correctional,  Milwaukee Secure Dentention Facility, and House of Corrections, as many of their residents will be returning to Milwaukee’s inner city.

We are training men pre and post release utilizing resources that focuses on masculinity biblically rooted and gospel centered. We help our participants understand they are not alone in the problems men face. Their are God’s solutions that brings about restorations of worldview, sexuality, vision, and family.

During our time inside, we assess and vet potential clients to began the process of change from the inside out.

Why are we doing this?
Fatherlessness is such a pervasive issue currently in the urban communities, which must be addressed, or the abandonment of urban children will just continue for another generation.

What are we doing...
In addition to the prison and community discipleship, we have also been meeting with men in small groups outside of the prison system in the community once a week digging deeper without time restraints. We utilize these same curriculums personally, and it has been nothing short of amazing and eye opening. The transparency among brothers as we struggle to fulfill our God given roles as Fathers, Husbands, and Men, encourages perseverance and steadfastness. These circles of accountability ensures comradery, love, and community while in the community, to change the community.  As a personal impact is made on these men inwardly, they will influence their families, and their families will influence the neighborhoods transforming our environment.



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